Virtual Volunteers Program

Find Joy & Purpose in Your Golden Years

Rediscover the wisdom, confidence and zest for life that comes with being a grandmother. As your guide, I’ll help you embrace this new chapter with grace and excitement.


As a proud grandmother myself, I know the profound transition that occurs when you become a “gran.” The kids are grown, your career may be winding down, and you can finally take a breath. With decades of life experience under my belt, I’ve learned that our golden years can be the most vibrant and rewailing of all.


That’s where I come in as your coach and cheerleader to rediscover your passions, lean into your hard-earned wisdom, and live each day with purpose and vitality. My own journey taught me that grandmothers are a powerful force to be reckoned with. We’ve raised families, built careers, and cultivated resilience. Now it’s our time to pour from a full cup and embrace new adventures, knowledge, and connections. Let me show you how.

Your Grand Life, Elevated

Flourish in this new life chapter through my suite of empowering services including one-on-one coaching, interactive workshops, mentoring circles, and activities crafting cherished memories with your grandchildren.

This Is For You If:

You're seeking new purpose and adventures in your golden years

You want to unlock your wisdom and potential

You crave community and meaningful connections

You're ready to embrace this new stage with vitality

You dream of creating lasting memories with grandchildren

You desire continuous growth and intellectual stimulation

“You’re not just a grandma, you’re a story keeper and Dream Maker.”

Grand lives are meant to be lived grandly.

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